presentation (09:52) / award ceremony (03:49:16)


Teilnahme und Gewinn Designathon 2015

Menschen suchen Ausgleich. Arbeiten, wie das Schälen einer Karrotte ohne die Möglichkeit eine App dafür zu benutzen, sind Balsam für unsere Seelen. Im Esszimmer soll selbst gekocht, gegessen und Essenskultur zelebriert werden. Die mobile Küchen–und Essensbox steht auf öffentlichen Plätzen und ist somit für alle zugänglich. Am schwarzen Brett trägt sich ein, wer kochen und wer essen will. Der Büroangestellte nimmt neben seiner Chefin und einem Senioren Platz und wird von der Asylsuchenden bekocht – und andersrum.

Zusammenarbeit mit Andrea Lei, David Jäggi, Naomi Eggli



The project Esszimmer resulted of the design contest «designathon 2015» and was awarded by a jury with the 1st price BEST OF DESIGNATHON 2015. 23 teams designed a project to the topic «New Work».

In collaboration with Andrea Lei, David Jäggi, Naomi Eggli






«As we heard on friday, most of us are exhausted even in the spare time. So it is clear, that we have to rethink our way of living. And we do so by asking us the question, for example: what did our last lunch look like? Today we try to do as much as we can; even in the same time. But it is not about quantity, it is about quality. And we think food offers a lot of qualities. Preparing fresh food, smelling the different flavours, talking with people and really enjoy food. But with our actual behavior we miss a lot of it. Esszimmer wants to change that. It is a portable kitchen and a dining room for everyone. It is easy to handle and space is simply adjusted to the number of people. It is an offline-space where you can exchange knowledge and experience and where you actually live food culture. There are a lot of people, like refugees, retirees or even part time workers, who have time and would love to share it with others. By Esszimmer they can. And everyone who wants to join the table. Esszimmer is a franchising model. It gives people who are excluded from the work enviroment the possibility to apply themeselves by running a box. With your support the first Esszimmer box will stand and open in Zurich. It is a chance for all of us to really live our lives. See you there.»